About Me



That's me! I'm a filmmaker living in Saskatoon. I grew up in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. In 2005, I settled in Saskatoon where I attended the University of Saskatchewan. 

My background in acting and the dramatic arts gives me a solid foundation in filmmaking. And after years of doing slideshows for weddings, I decided to work on filmmaking. 

There are so many beautiful places in this province, but if your wedding, event or organization is outside of Saskatchewan, no problem!

Call or email me anytime and I'd be happy to talk! 

My Approach


My background in the dramatic arts informs my style of filmmaking. 

I give some direction when needed, especially when we are filming during sunset for weddings. But I'd rather capture those moments that just naturally happen. I try to blend into the background.

For weddings, I have two cameras set up during the ceremony and reception. I also have professional lighting equipment, that not only helps me film, but adds to ambience of the moment. 

My professional audio equipment lets me capture crystal clear sound from the ceremony and reception.

For corporate videos I can handle all your lighting and audio needs for things like interviews.