Jared & Danielle

We had the perfect weather for Jared and Danielle's October backyard wedding. What a fun day! Congrats to a lovely couple! And by the way, Danielle is an awesome dentist, I should know since she's my dentist!

Alisha & Cole

Every wedding has a little life lesson. This couple reminded me that love is patient. Congratulations to Alisha & Cole! They had a Harry Potter cake! Perfectenschlag!

Jon & Meagan

So great to be able to film this couple and to be a part of their special day!

Trista & Tyler

Weddings are a time for family to come together and also to remember those that can't be there. 

Brooke & Tyrel

I had a lot of fun making this film for Brooke & Tyrel, You can tell they have a lot of fun together! Congrats!

Matthew & Anna

Their wedding was so fun and had so many fun traditions. And it brought together people from across the globe!

Buck & Shayana

Congratulations to Buck & Shayana! If you watch closely you can see Buck sink the 8 ball on the first break! And it was the first and only take, so that's definitely a good luck sign!

Kara & Jordan

This September wedding was such a blast to shoot. There was even a flash mob!